About Us

About Us

Engineer Your Sound

Amplifying Your Audio Experience

Welcome to Engineer Your Sound, your go-to source for everything about sound and acoustics. We are a team of professional audio engineers with a shared passion for all things audio. Our journey spans over a decade in the audio engineering industry with over 15 years in the world of manufacturing and audio design of professional products.

Our expertise ranges from designing loudspeakers to home speaker DIY builds, from delving into the nuances of digital signal processing to advancing machine learning for audio applications. With a firm footing in Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Design, and Acoustics, we possess a diverse skill set that allows us to understand and share the technical details of audio products and design.

At Engineer Your Sound, we believe in filtering out the noise and helping you understand the harmonics of audio and acoustics. We’re not just professionals, we’re enthusiasts, and this platform is a testament to our undying love for sound. As individual members of the Audio Engineering Society, we are committed to delivering educational audio content of the highest quality.

So, whether you’re an amateur audiophile, a seasoned sound engineer, or someone with a budding interest in the world of audio, you’ll find a wealth of knowledge here at Engineer Your Sound. Join us as we explore the rhythm of sound engineering, one wave at a time.

Our Story

Our journey at Engineer Your Sound began with a shared love for sound and audio knowledge. We started as a group of audio professionals and engineers, fascinated by all things noisy, and with an insatiable curiosity to delve deeper into the field of audio engineering. Over 15 years of experience in speaker design, loudspeaker development, music production, sound engineering, and live sound has equipped us with a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Our diverse qualifications in Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Design and Acoustics come together to create a platform where technical love for audio products and design thrives. We have devoted countless hours to the research and development of audio products, and we take immense joy in sharing our experiences and knowledge with the audio production industry.

Proud members of the Audio Engineering Society, we stand for the promotion of high-quality educational audio content. Our vision is to help everyone appreciate and love audio engineering.

Through Engineer Your Sound, we want to guide your audio journey, helping you navigate the complex yet fascinating world of sound and acoustics. Join us as we continue to explore, learn, and share in this extraordinary sonic adventure.